Sunday, 26 May 2013

Matte nails using a Kettle!

Recently i have been wanting to create my own Matte Nails. I haven't ventured out of the house at all recently so I decided to try a DIY! In all honesty I probably won't be doing this again. I have seen YouTube tutorials on this and for them it turned out okay but for me, not so well! I feel that the colouring is slightly uneven. However i think this is mainly down to the cheap nail polish i was using. I do not have a good quality Black so i was forced to use a bog standard one i got free with a magazine!
Anyway, here is the tutorial and enjoy my rather comical attempt at Matte nails!

You will need:

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat (I like Black for this.)

  • A Mug 
  • A Kettle
Paint your nails with a base coat. While this is drying switch on the kettle to boil.
                                                               Paint on the top coat. 
                         Immediately after painting one hand pour the boiling hot water into a mug.

                       Hold you hand over the water. And for the love of god DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE WATER!!! Also, watch out for the steam, it can get pretty hot just holding your hand there. If you are not old enough please ask an adult for help. If you are having to ask yourself 'am i old enough?', you probably are not! - Sorry if this sounds patronising i just don't want someone complaining they have burnt themselves! :)
Now hold your hand there until the varnish turns matte. (You may have to pull your hand away and let the condensation drip away to see if it has turned matte yet.)
                     Wait a minute or so to make sure it is completely dry.

And finally, you'r nails have been transformed! There is your completed matte look. :) 

Next time, well there wont be a next time... I think i am just going to purchase 'Matte Magic' by China Glaze! 
If you try this let me know how it goes! 
Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥ 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kardashian Style!

So recently Kourtney Kardashian has put a mixture of her own clothes, sunglasses, jewellery and shoes (new and old) on eBay. A proportion of the money will be donated to the Dream Foundation. Listed for charity

I have selected my favourites from what she is selling!

1 - LNA Green Deep V Neck Sweater with Zipper Detail - Size: S

2 -  Premonition Turquoise Print Bodycon Dress with Lace Sleeves - Size: M (This is my favourite!)   

3 - Black Orchid Coral Skinny Jeans - Size: 27in

4 - Rockstar Sushi Coated Red Cut Off Shorts - Size: 24in

5 - Footzyrolls Red Snake Skin Print
6 - Adidas Red Concord Round "Sleek Series" Ballet Flats

7 - Koolaburra Nude Peep Toe Studded Sandal

8 - Christian Dior Hearts Bangle Bracelet

9 - Love This Planet Purple "Fringe Fashion Tote"

10 - J Brand Gold Brocade Skinny Leg Mid Rise Jeans - Size: 25

Kourtneys account is: kimsaprincess
Khloe also has an eBay store which is: khlomar

I'm very tempted to bid on the Premonition Turquoise print bodycon dress and the Adidas Red Ballet Flats. I also love, love, love the Dior bracelet but there are a lot of determined bidders on that one so it's turning prettttty pricey. What is your favourite?

Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥ 

Forever 21 Goodies.

As I am an amateur at this blogging malarkey, I'm just going to apologise in advance. Please bare with me.

Since i have now finished my A Level exams (HALLELUJAH) i thought i would treat myself by having a little bit of a splurge. I decided to online shop at Forever 21 seeing as there is not one near where i live. I have also ordered a pair of running shoes and another pair of shoes from ASOS. (A post on them will arrive shortly.) I did also order a pair of leggings from ASOS but i have returned them for the simple formula of: TREE TRUNK LEGS + TIGHT CLOTHING = NOT GOOD. I am still yet to find a pair of leggings that don't emphasise the size of my thighs and make my bum look like Kim Kardashians.

However, I love all of the items i purchased. I was also very pleased with the speed my goodies wear delivered. Even considering the fact my parcel went from the Netherlands to Brussels and then to England. To begin with i thought my package was part of some drug scam...

Anyway, the only negative comment i would have is, I was rather surprised at how thin the material of all the tops i ordered. I am going to have to wear a bandeau under everything.

I ordered everything one size up (M) so it would definitely fit me and i wouldn't have to go to the hassle of sending it back. :)

Top Number One. (My favourite) 

Top Number Two. (Least favourite)

Top Number Three. (As my mum descried it: 'Meh, nothing special')

Top Number Four. (I love this Lavender colour)

And last but not least!...

Maxi Skirt! (The perfect hide-away for my legs!)
It is no longer available online. :(

It's only now i've finished i have realised just how creased all of the clothes look. Sorry! I promise i will iron everything next time. I hope this has been a bearable read! 

Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥