Thursday, 29 May 2014

Eyebrow Threading - My First Time Experience!

I have neglected my eyebrows for pretty much my entire life but today that all changed! After weeks of apprehension I finally plucked up the courage to get it done. (Excuse the pun.) I think getting them threaded is possibly the best descision I have made all year!!  

I now feel so silly for worrying about getting it done! I'm sure I am not the only one who had visions of the lady taking my entire eyebrow off... 

My Experience:

I got my eyebrows threaded at a brow bar in Debenhams for £7. 
The lady was really friendly and invited me to lye back in a chair (a bit like a dentist.) She then told my that I needed to pull back the skin while she threaded. Personally, I didn't think it hurt at all. :) The feeling is really hard to describe but I would compare it to being scratched. It doesn't hurt as much as waxing. After 5 minutes I was all done! I was left with a little redness but that faded after an hour.

I specifically told her that I didn't want much doing just neatening up. And that is exactly what she did! I kind of like having thick eyebrows opposed to a twig above my eye, so she just took away stray hairs and defined the shape. These pictures don't show much of a difference but there definitely is! - Especially the hairs underneath my eyebrow! Next time I will probably have a little more done, but for a first time I just wanted a shape and to see what it is like, then I can develop from there! I am so happy with the outcome and they look so much better! I just wish I had them done years ago!

TOP TIP: WEAR WATERPROOF MASCARA!!! The combination of threading around my eyelid and me holding back my skin in that area, made my eyes water! As I was holding down my eyelid I completely smudged my mascara and once I was done I had to make a dash for Debenham toilets, which are inconveniently situated on the very top floor!

BEFORE: (nay)

AFTER: (yay)

I am so happy with my experience. I am definitely going to be returning! 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Haul! - Primark | TK Maxx | Topshop | Forever 21 | Zara

After the fabulous Miley concert on Friday night, I had the whole Saturday in Birmingham to do some (a lot) of shopping! I think this has been the most successful shopping trip I have had in a while! I love every piece and I am now officially prepared for Summer! Sorry these pictures are pretty ugly in quality but the hotel room provided me with limited resources!
Left - TK Maxx £11.99
Right - Topshop £10

Left - Forever 21 £11.50
Right - Primark £12

Left - Forever 21 £6.50
Right - Primark £8

Coat - Topshop £40
For the longest time now I have been wanting a transparent rain jacket and I finally found one!!! It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but whatever! When it rains I can whack this out of my bag and BAM... I no longer have to cover up with an ugly dark coat that ruins my outfit! I think it is awesome that you can still see the outfit through the jacket. What do you think?? In the very near future I am going to style this in a separate post. :-)  

Left - Zara £25.99
Right - Primark £8

Top left - TK Maxx £14.99
Top Right - Ralph Lauren - TK Maxx £25
Bottom - Forever 21 £12.50

Trousers - TK Maxx £14.99 
My mum thinks these are weird but I love them! They will look so cute at the beach. The picture doesn't do then justice. They are a lace/net material which flare out at the bottom and inside they have silk shorts. 

Which is your favourite item?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

April Favourites!

So April was a fabulous month for me as I got to spend most of it in Malta! However that does mean that I don't have many Beauty favourites :( As I have now regained my tan, I don't tend to wear that much makeup but there are still a couple of things that I have been loving.

I will start with the most boring thing... After Sun! I am sure everyone has heard of this or seen different versions but this is a personal favourite. As soon the sun becomes part of my daily life, so does this Nivea lotion. It smells fabulous and every time I open the cap it begins back so many childhood memories! Both my mum and I have used this for years and years. It leaves the skin feeling so hydrated and it soaks in really fast. Also if you have a sun burn, I would highly recommend this as it is super duper soothing. 

My next favourite is the Tangle Teezer. There isn't much to say about this apart from it does it's job! It is perfect to use when your hair is wet and literally just glides through your hair. It feels so much more gentle than a normal hairbrush. Once my hair is fully dry, I have been applying Kerastase hair serum. As I rub it in I can literately feel the texture of my hair improving. It makes it silky smooth! What I also love about this is that it doesn't make my hair looks greasy!

This month I decided to dig out my Liz Earle Foundation. However, I haven't actually used it for its purpose, as I have discovered it is an amazing under eye concealer!! The coverage is amazing! My everyday makeup routine has been just this as a concealer and then I just add a little bit more under eye coverage with my Bare Minerals concealer. It is working perfectly for me. I don't think I would have the balls to go out in public with just concealer, but now my tan acts like a foundation instead!

The only other item I use in my everyday routine is the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara. I FREAKING LOVE THIS. I don't actually think I would have gone out and purchased this as I was content with my Benefit mascara, but thanks to Glossy Box, I got to try this out! It seems to grab each lash and make them super long without making your eyes look like a tarantula and it leaves out all that horrible clumpyness. I think Maybelline are experts in mascaras. 

My last beauty favourite it quite literally my holy grail. It is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream  I now own this in tin, pot, stick and tube form! I love it so so much and can I just say a big thank you to my mum for introducing this to me. We have now been dedicated users for around 2 years! When I first tried this I was unsure of the smell but now I love it. I use this on my lips. In the winter when I have any dry patches around my face, I apply a dot and this helps to heal it over night. Also, I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I swear, it has made my lips bigger. Now that is a big claim! I have basicallly been religiously applying it every night and and this month I have noticed my lips look bigger!????? I don't know if this is even possible!? But EVEN MY MUM HAS COMMENTED that they look fuller! They are in really good condition and I can't remember the last time they were dry!

My last favourite is slightly random, but it is my Holga 135 Camera. Every time someone sees this they ask if it is real, and yes it is a real film camera! I purchased this like 3 years ago in Vegas and it's only recently I have really started using it! I just think it's a really fun thing to keep in my bag and anytime I see something I like weather it be a pretty beach or cute looking shop I take a picture. However, I haven't actually developed any of my pictures from it yet, but I am super excited to get it done this Friday! If you would like me to do a review of this just comment down below :-)

What have been your favourite of this month?