Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tiny Shoe Haul

When I say this is a tiny haul I mean this really is a tiny, minuscule haul. I have recently purchased 2 new pairs of shoes that I am head over heals in love with! I am preparing for going back to Malta next week so I decided to use this as an excuse to go shopping.

The first pair are to die for. Like literally I think I would walk 10 miles across Lego bricks for these shoes. You know when you imagine something in your head and when it comes to the real thing it eather fails or passes your expection? Well these freaking pass with flying colours. 

I purchased these Steve Madden shoes from TK Maxx. The more I post, the more you will come to learn of my obsession for that shop. Me and my mum literally spend hours in there hunting for bargains. I feel like if you really get your searching cap on, you can find so many unique, individual pieces, and usually for a really great price! When you enter, the amount of clothes can be pretty overwhelming, but I have my own little searching method to sive through the junk to find gems. - I push all of the clothes to the end of each rail and quickly look through each item. From the side they may look ugly but when you look at them as a full piece they are usually wearable! 

I just can't believe I have managed to find  Steve Madden shoes for only £29.99! They have a small wedge so they are really easy to wear and they are really comfortable too! I love the tie up detail and I have been wanting a new pair of Black sandles for ages!  I got them in a size 4. 

The next and last pair of shoes in my haul are these gorgeous Armani plastic sandals I purchased while in Madrid. They are from their swimwear collection.

I bought them specifically for Malta. They are going to be perfect for walking to the beach or just in general if I need to pop to the shop. As they are plastic, I had reservations if they would be comfortable but they are fantastic! For a long time I have been debating buying some Jelly Shoes, but these fulfill my need! 

Which is your favourite? 

Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥

Friday, 28 March 2014

Summer Ball Dress Disaster

Can i just open up with saying... this is not an exciting 'wow, look at my dress!' preview, this is a 'look how much of a disaster my dress is' preview. I am literally hammering down on the keyboard as I write.

This time four days ago I was really excited to order and try on what was planned to be my summer ball dress. I had even envisioned replicating the look of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. However, this was an absolute disaster. When I opened the package from Asos I was really pleased with the colour. I was worried it would be a garish florescent Yellow, but it is actually a pastel lemon colour. It would look so nice with a tan!

Isn't it beautiful! It is £80 and from Jarlo (London). I got it in a size 8. Link

Now, the issue is, it is so looooooong. Taking a guess I would say I am around 5.4". However, I haven't actually measured myself since GCSE science class! 

Dilema 2... Although it comes with a slip underneath, you can see straight through to underwear! 

Problem 3... Major side-boobage. 

Finally,  Despite how gorgeous the back is meant to be, it was really baggy. 

So, this is how it looked...

Overall, this dress was just completely the wrong fit. If i changed it to a size 6, then there is no way my big ass thighs would fit into the dress! This is such a beautiful dress in the pictures on Asos, but on me, it is a definite no no. 

Let the hunt for a new dress begin!

Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥ 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Glossybox Review! March 2014

So, as promised I have a Glossybox review! As usual I do an awkward little happy jump as I literally rip open the packaging to see what is inside. It's always so exciting to receive a little gift to yourself every month! However, I feel this time it was a bit of an anticlimax. I can't say I was overwhelmed with what I received but I guess it's still interesting and exciting to try these new things! I guess after lasts months box which was pretty darn good, it was going to be hard to improve! If you are looking to subscribe to Glossybox, I would highly recommend taking time to fill in the questions about yourself on the website. I found that this way you recieve things suited more towards what you want :)

In my box I received: 

- Mitchell and Peach Body Cream
- Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish
- Bellápierre Cosmetics LTD shimmer powders
- Juicy Couture Malibu Collection Fragrance
- Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 second Treatment Shot

If I had to choose a favourite from this Glossybox, I would choose the Juicy Couture samples. I am a sucker for Juicy Couture. Their charms are adorable! The detail that is put in almost reminds me of Sylvanian Families!? I love it when I recieve these samples as they are perfect for travelling. They smell really good too!

On to more smells, the Pout Polish smells amazinggggggg. If it was possible to store a smell in a bottle I would keep this! It smells like vanilla, and I looooove vanilla! My first reaction when I saw this colour was 'ew, what is that?', as it is a bit garish, however once applied it is actually quite suttle. A friend of mine also said the same thing. 

As you can probably tell, smell is a big thing for me. Maybe this stretches back to my traumatic experience of a honey sale in a rather confined tent, back when I was younger... 

I am assuming the Mitchell and Peach body cream is the main item in this months box. The 180ml version is worth £36! I can't say I will be purchasing that. The smell is interesting, however it only lasts around 5 seconds and then it is practically smell-less. I got a whiff of Lavandar and then decided not to smell again. The consistency is lovely! It is so silky and smooth and soaks into my skin quickly. I have noticed my knuckles are quite dry and rough at the moment due to the cold weather and it did help with this, but only in the short term. As I am writing, around one hour after trying it, my knuckles are a little bit rough again.

As for the BelláPierre eye shadow, I haven't tried that. I have never been a fan of eye shadow and this colour doesn't even tempt me to start. I will probably just use this for any photography projects I have!  

Thank you Glossybox for my goodies! I look coward to next month!

Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥ 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hopefully this time I will have more success

Hola! I am back! I am not sure if I was ever actually here... I don't think a couple of posts one year ago count. Blogging is like cleaning my room. The tidyness and discipline lasts for a week and then the situation gradually starts to deteriorate. Nevertheless, this time I am determined to post regularly! 

I was debating setting up a YouTube account after years of religiously watching fashion and beauty channels. However, I find the sound of my own voice nauseating and I don't think I could cope with the embarrassment of someone else in sixth form finding videos of me talking to a camera. So, I have chosen writing as the next best thing! Possibly, maybe, maybe not, there is a tiny chance I will start YouTube. - If this blog is a small success. 

Anyway, in the near future I can definitely promise to post a clothes haul, Summer Ball dress preview and a Glossy Box review! 

I am not really sure how to end this. So I am just going to leave you with a picture of a cross-eyed cat I found while doing history coursework.

Have a nice day :) 

Danielle ♥